When you or a loved one are first diagnosed with cancer it can be a very challenging time. However it can also represent a wonderful opportunity. An opportunity to learn about the healing powers of the body. Natural approaches to treating cancer have been proven to work over the long term as they address the underlying cause of the illness. Whether you have gone down the path of conventional medicine or are considering treatment options, being equipped with the proper information you will be able to make well informed decisions for your health. In researching for Food Matters the documentary we've come across countless resources and lifestyle considerations that we consider important in a quest to healing. We would like to share them here below as a guide.

  • Watch Food Matters

    Healing starts with your belief systems and follows with consistent action towards total mind-body wellness. Understanding the real motives behind the health care and pharmaceutical industries is a critical step in discovering what’s wrong with our current approaches to Cancer treatment and what, results proven, natural options exist. Watching Food Matters is the first step in taking control of your health.
    About The Film
  • Get A Good Quality Juicer

    Juicing is critical for Cancer patients helping deliver life-giving nutrients to the cells and eliminate toxins. This simple process builds immunity helping activate the body's own healing mechanism. A good quality ‘cold pressed’ juicer is an essential tool in the kitchen.
    Juicer Buying Guide
  • Access FMTV

    As an FMTV member you'll receive instant access to over 350+ health and wellness videos, packed with empowering and insightful information, with great 'how-to' action steps which you can apply immediately to your life.
    FMTV also contains 36 extended interviews from Food Matters, which provide practical information that you can apply to your life today.
  • Shop Organic

    Using organic produce in the process of healing the body is essential. Reducing toxic load in all forms is a primary aim in order to reduce the load on ones immune system allowing it to activate the bodies' own healing mechanism.
    Organic Directory
  • Watch The Following DVDs On Cancer

    Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, do they really work? What other options exist? What research exists for and against conventional and natural treatments? Get the big picture by accessing these ‘must-watch’ DVD's that uncover the real story on Cancer.
    Recommended Viewing
  • See A Holistic Practitioner

    Working closely with an holistic practitioner is an important part of the journey to healing. Keep in mind though that any practitioner should not be seen as somebody you outsource your healing to, you do the healing, they simply provide advice and help you along the way!
    Practitioner Directory
  • Get Your Teeth Right

    The mounting evidence connecting the incidence of infected root canals and Cancer is profound. This is an area that Dr Gerson and Dr Joseph Issels considered vitally important. Get to a holistic dentist and have your teeth checked.
    Practitioner Directory
  • Supplements

    Supplementing your diet with essential immune boosting nutrients is an essential part of any healing program. Learn more about synthetic vs natural wholefood supplements and what might suit you best.
  • Read The Following Books On Cancer

    There are many must-read books on Cancer and we have put together a list of some of our A-Listers. Many include recipes, all of them have lots of important research and most importantly they are easy to read and from reputable sources.
    Recommended Reading
  • Visit A Cancer Clinic

    Depending on what stage of Cancer you have been diagnosed with, it may be worthwhile to visit a clinic that specializes in natural Cancer treatment. View the list of Cancer clinics around the world that specialize in Nutritional Medicine for cancer.
    Clinic Directory
  • Consider Oxygen Therapy

    Oxygen starvation at the cellular level leads to disease. In fact, it is an undisputed fact that Cancer cells cease to grow when blood and tissues are sufficiently oxygenated. There are many ways to oxygenate the body, including a highly alkaline diet (80% raw), regular exercise, deep breathing, and adequate consumption of pure water. Hospitals in Mexico, Europe and Malaysia administer intravenous ozone, which is activated-oxygen, infusions with great success. There are also clinics in the United States; however, they operate under threat of FDA reprisal and confiscation of ozone equipment.
    Oxygen Therapy
  • Join The Food Matters Community

    Sharing your ideas and successes with other like minded people is a great way to learn and grow. Healing is as much about good nutrition and good decisions as it is about connecting with like minded individuals in a nurturing environment.
  • Find A Support Group

    When you initially embark on a natural healing route you may find yourself alone, especially if your family and friends urge you to just follow a conventional approach. Luckily, there are many Cancer support groups that will make you realize you are not alone on this journey and offer you hope and inspiration along the way.
    Support Groups

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